Ukraine LIVE: ‘Will not be scared’ Zelensky vows to hit back at ‘terrorist state’ Russia | World | News

Volodymyr Zelensky has said Ukraine “will not be scared” by the “cowardly, inhumane terrorist attacks” on the part of Russia, which he once again branded “war criminals” following a barrage of attacks on civilian infrastructure and residential buildings. Air raid alerts across the embattled nation were triggered yesterday by a wave of fresh missiles which knocked out power to many cities, including Kyiv, as well as Moldova.

The bombing campaign against is widely believed to be designed to brutalise the Ukrainian people with a lack of water, heat and electricity as winter begins to bite. Yesterday’s attacks left the capital without water and power, and forced the occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in a “precarious” position, having to rely on backup diesel generators to avoid a meltdown.

The Ukrainian President also thanked his US counterpart for “standing with Ukraine” and responding with a new defence package which he said will “allow us to save lives and continue our fight”. Marking the anniversary of Holodomor – the enforced Ukrainian famine under Soviet rule – Joe Biden reaffirmed America’s “steadfast commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty” and honoured “the brave Ukrainian people who continue to courageously resist Russia’s assault on their democracy”.

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