Robot-cum-artist Ai-Da uses AI algorithms to create drawings, self-portraits  

Robot-cum-artist Ai-Da, who was introduced in 2019, has immense talent. “The first ultra-realistic humanoid artist” as her creators call her has been using built-in artificial intelligence (AI) system to create drawings and self-portraits.  

Ai-Da is a poet, a painter and a sculptor. Along with robotic arms, she also has a realistic face and can blink eyes. The camera in the eyes of Ai-Da target the subject while AI algorithms prompt her to “interrogate, select, decision-make and, ultimately, create a painting,” The Guardian reported.  

The Biennale, an international exhibition, which features music, dance, architecture, film, theatre, and visual arts, will welcome Ai-Da as its first robotic artist, as per Spanish-language newspaper El País.   

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Her creators want to begin a conversation about how far we are willing to develop robots and how we want to interact with them.  

“We haven’t spent eye-watering amounts of time and money to make a very clever painter. This project is an ethical project,” Aidan Meller, Ai-Da’s creator, explained to The Guardian.   

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In a statement, Meller said, “Ai-Da Robot, as technology, is the perfect artist today to discuss the current obsession with technology and its unfolding legacy. Is the so-called ‘progress’ in technology something we really want, and if so, how should it manifest?”  

“It’s an ethical project created to raise questions about the use of technology and the impact it will have on our society, and to assess whether we really want to introduce something like this,” Meller told El País.   

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