Police: Would-be Palestinian stabber turns himself in after having second thoughts

A Palestinian man turned himself in to officers near Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on Monday after he initially planned a stabbing attack, police said.

According to police, the 37-year-old from the West Bank town of Anata regretted his alleged plan to stab Israelis in the area and approached officers in the Old City. A knife he had hidden nearby was found, police said.

He was to be brought before a court on Tuesday to have his custody extended.

Police said there had been several alleged attempted stabbing attacks in Jerusalem’s Old City in recent weeks.

On May 27, a young Palestinian was detained by officers in the Old City after acting suspiciously. He was found to be carrying a knife and was accused of planning an attack.

On May 30, a 15-year-old East Jerusalem resident was found to be carrying a knife after fleeing from officers at the Damascus Gate entrance. He has been since indicted for allegedly planning an attack.

Israeli security forces at the scene of a stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City, on March 7, 2022. (Yonatan SindelFlash90)

Deputy Commissioner Doron Turgeman, the commander of Israel Police’s Jerusalem District, awarded certificates of appreciation on Tuesday to members of the force who foiled some of the attacks.

“Each of the policemen and [Border Police] soldiers who have worked and are operating in Jerusalem has a significant part in maintaining security and countering terrorism,” said Turgeman.

“This is a difficult, day-to-day task that involves many risks, and courage,” he added.