New 5G learning possibilities showcased at De La Salle Lipa

GLOBE Business recently showcased how 5G technology can revolutionize learning during a Demo Day held at the De La Salle Lipa (DLSL), the first Philippine school to have its own 5G tower and experience its capabilities.

Students, faculty and staff from DLSL graced the event, where the company showcased 5G applications. It was the culmination of an eight-month Intelligent Campus Program that aimed to show the benefits of 5G for education.

Three 5G use cases were presented during the activity, including the Interactive Board, Desktop Virtualization and Multiview Broadcast.

The Interactive Board, developed in partnership with ESCO PTE LTD, is a classroom tool that provides an intuitive and interactive teaching method, enabling DLSL to conduct classes simultaneously for physically present and remote students.

The demo received positive feedback, with participants saying, “It’s like writing on a real whiteboard.” Another user said, “The Interactive Board will be very helpful especially in classes that require computations as it serves as physical proof of how education can be pushed to its full potential.”

Students also tried out the use of 5G in virtualization. The demo involved Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), implemented in partnership with Microsoft Philippines and Crayon. Azure Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualization service powered by Microsoft Azure. It allows storage or hosting of an application in the cloud, streaming the virtual environment, or transmitting the visual output on any screen such as a smartphone, smart TV or computer.

Also tested during the demo was Multiview Broadcast, developed in partnership with SMS Global Technologies Inc. Multiview Broadcast is a technology that can be used for live streaming or broadcasting of sports events or school programs using the 4K, 8K, and 360 types of cameras over Globe’s 5G network for a more immersive viewing experience.  It can also be tapped for remote learning, so students can watch live streaming of classes from anywhere.

“This program is a prime example of how Globe Business is working toward bringing the benefits of 5G technology to various industries, including education. Our partnership with DLSL demonstrates how 5G can enhance the learning experience for students and faculty, as well as improve the overall efficiency of the school administration. We are proud to play a part in establishing DLSL as a 5G Center of Excellence in the Academe, and we are excited to collaborate with new partners to bring the power of 5G to more communities and industries,” said KD Dizon, head of MSME Group, Globe Business.

Globe is committed to delivering improved customer service and reliable, consistent data services to its customers. 5G technology is capable of delivering internet speeds up to 100 times faster, making it suitable for video streaming and gaming.