After US & Europe, Japan reports first case of mysterious hepatitis

After the World Health Organisation(WHO) sounded an alert over the rise in liver disease among children, reports claim Japan reported the first case as the disease spread to Asia.

Japan’s health ministry confirmed the first case of acute hepatitis which has spread to over 12 countries worldwide.

The origin of the liver disease is still unknown. It was earlier reported in the US, UK, Canada and Europe among children with the WHO confirming at least 169 cases of the new form of hepatitis infection.

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The hepatitis case in Japan was reported last week, reports said. The patient reportedly tested negative for coronavirus and had no liver transplant. The identity of the individual has still not been revealed. The patient had also tested negative for adenovirus.

A child had recently died due to the new hepatitis disease. Spain, Israel, Denmark, Romania and Belgium also reported cases of acute cases of hepatitis among young children ranging between one month and 16 years.

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WHO had said at least seventeen children required liver transplant as the liver inflammation was marked by elevated liver enzymes.

The UN health body said common virus linked to acute viral hepatitis was not detected in any of the new cases with COVID-19 identified in at least twenty cases.

WHO said the UK which has witnessed the most number of cases had reported a rise in adenovirus infections with faecal samples detected among children.

(With inputs from Agencies)

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