Mats Wilander goes off on passionate rant over claims Novak Djokovic faked Aus Open injury | Tennis | Sport

Djokovic himself has also been quick to call out those doubting the legitimacy of his injury. “I leave that to them, let them continue to doubt. It’s interesting that only my injuries are suspected, but when other players get injured and it affects them, then they are the victims, and I’m a pretend player,” he told Serbian reporters on Monday.

“I don’t feel like I have anything to prove to anyone. I have a recording and an MRI and an ultrasound which will prove it, whether I will publish it in the documentary, I don’t know, maybe, maybe I won’t. I am absolutely not interested in what people think, it is fun for me to continue the narrative [that is] different than some other players. I’m used to facing it, it motivates me and it gives me extra strength.”