TV tonight: a star accused and the dark side of porn’s ‘golden era’

TV tonight: a star accused and the dark side of porn’s ‘golden era’

Ron Jeremy at The X-Rated Critics Organization's 5th Annual Awards Presentation at Gazzarri's on The Strip, West Hollywood, California, February 14, 1989.

Female porn stars speak out against the adult film actor Ron Jeremy in Channel 4’s Porn King. Plus: teenage horror up on the moors in Red Rose. Here’s what to watch this evening

Porn King: The Rise & Fall of Ron Jeremy

10pm, Channel 4

In this two-part documentary, female porn stars reflect on “the golden era of porn” and speak out against the adult film actor Ron Jeremy – who is currently facing 36 sexual assault charges, which he denies. “I was so conditioned to think that something like that was normal,” recalls Alana Evans, who alleges she was groped by Jeremy. “You’ve only seen one side of Ron … unless you’re a victim of his,” says Lianna Young, who claims that he raped her. The most shocking thing is that their accusations aren’t shocking at all – and yet Jeremy continued to have a 40-year career in the industry. Hollie Richardson

Long Lost Family: What Happened Next

9pm, ITV

“It was mindblowing.” Yasika Fernando’s stirring reunion with her Sri Lankan birth mother was heartbreakingly halted by the pandemic – and her on-screen search resonated with a viewer. The result, shown tonight, fostered the most unlikely of connections. Also in this episode, Paula Stillie swaps Scotland for Montana, as questions surrounding her Native American ethnicity are finally answered in person. Danielle de Wolfe


9pm, Sky Atlantic

The lustre may have come off HBO’s deluxe future-shock sexbot drama, but season four has veered back into what originally made it so addictive: split timelines, big twists and the return of James Marsden as upgraded host Teddy. Tonight’s finale will probably leave enough dangling threads for the show to ride again. Graeme Virtue

Day of the Dead

9pm, Sky Sci-Fi

They’re coming to get you, Barbara: in deepest Pennsylvania, a small town is about to burst its coffins, and six strangers must outrun the undead. Cue flesh-eating zombies, social commentary (fracking is involved), and a smörgåsbord of entrails … A rather anaemic take on the genre, loosely inspired by George A Romero’s infinitely superior zombie film series. Ali Catterall

Hazy days and heady nights … Red Rose.

Red Rose

10pm, BBC Three

Ah, those post-GCSE summers of hazy days and heady nights. In this eight-parter from the production company behind Sex Education, a group of teenagers let loose at an end-of-school rave on the Bolton moors – but it quickly becomes a horror story thanks to a troublesome app, Red Rose, which gives users ultimatums. HR

Big Zuu’s Big Eats

10pm, Dave

Returning the food truck to his London stomping ground, Zuu meets up with comedian Fatiha El-Ghorri, who cooks him a Moroccan harira soup. He then rustles up an Arabian feast and one of the “biggest eats of all time”: the Zuupiter Mars bar dessert. HR