Royal Family LIVE: Harry set for ‘temporary peace’ with Royal Family ahead of Coronation | Royal | News

Prince Harry is set for a “temporary peace” with the Royal Family before the coronation of King Charles, an expert has claimed. Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti said the Windsors will want to make peace with Harry before Charles is crowned on May 6. He said: “Whether or not that’s possible is one thing and whether or not it’s lasting is another thing.”Even if they do manage to make some form of peace, [it] might be temporary. I think it’s going to be extremely difficult for them as a family – and more broadly, for the nation and for the Institution – to forgive what’s happened.”Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace have remained silent over allegations in the Sussexes’ Netflix series in which Harry claimed the Prince of Wales left him terrified after screaming and shouting at him during the Sandringham summit. Harry has also demanded an apology from the Royal Family for his wife Meghan.Mr Sacerdoti told US Weekly: “I think Harry and Meghan have said they’re expecting an apology, but I think there aren’t many people who agree that it’s due that way round. Some of the individuals within [Spare] – the King, the Queen and the Prince of Wales – all come out of that book so badly.”FOLLOW BELOW FOR LIVE UPDATES