Queen’s heartbreak as ‘close friend’ dies leaving Firm mourning ‘adored’ Lady Butter

Lady Butter, who was born in 1925, was widely considered very close to the Queen’s late husband, Prince Philip. Lady Butter was a descendent of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia and famed Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

She died “peacefully” on Friday in London aged 97, the announcement of her death said.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, wrote on Twitter: “Lady Butter was a daughter of Sir Harold and Lady Zia Wernher, and a granddaughter of Grand Duke Michael Mikhailovich of Russia and Countess de Torby.

“Myra was a close friend of the Queen and Prince Philip since childhood and from time to time appeared in royal documentaries.”

Lady Butter was known for establishing the Pushkin award, celebrating literary excellence.

But Lady Butter was also known for being in the Queen’s inner circle, and maintaining a long-time friendship with the late Duke of Edinburgh.

Shortly after Prince Philip’s death, Lady Butter said the Duke had been the Queen’s “world”.

The Duke of Edinburgh died in April 2021, aged 99.

Lad Butter described the scale of the monarch’s loss as “incalculable”.

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She added that the Queen, 96, would be “lost” without her husband.

She told ITV that Prince Philip’s dedication to duty meant “nobody could have done that job” as the Duke of Edinburgh had done for decades.

She said: “There’s nobody, in my mind, who could have done that job. Nobody.

“Dedicated to it, and very intelligent and youthful.”


Lady Butter continued: “He was a step behind walking, but he was never a step behind as a person.”

The Queen attended the ceremony when Lady Butter, née Wernher, married Major David Butter in Westminster.