Mike Tindall red-faced after making major marriage blunder on podcast with Zara Tindall

On the podcast episode for Magic Millions, Zara, who is the only daughter of Princess Anne, discussed her life and personal achievements, as well as her work as an equestrian. However, when speaking about their romance, Mike appeared to make a major mistake.

Watching the couple’s sweet interaction, royal fans adored watching the parents-of-three interact.

Mike and Zara’s deep affection and love were clear for all to see as the couple, who were recently in Australia, laughed and joked around together.

Speaking to his wife, Mike told Zara: “In 2012, you married a legend.”

Zara replied: “who said that?”, before adding, “didn’t we get married in 2011?!”

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Following their wedding day, the couple have since welcomed three children.

Their eldest child, a daughter called Mia, was born in January 2014.

The now-nine-year-old was then joined by two younger siblings. Mike and Zara welcomed a second daughter, Lena, in 2018 and son, Lucas, in 2021.


Speaking in the episode, Zara also opened up about she would “love” to appear in another Olympics.

She told Mike: “I mean, I’d love to win an Olympic gold so that’s probably driving me at the moment. I’d love to go to another Olympics.”

Zara appeared in the 2012 Olympics, as well as the 2004 Games in Athens and the 2008 Games held in Beijing.