Met Office forecast: ‘Thunder risk’ threatens UK after bank holiday downpours

Weather has settled across the country after a period of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. It was moving towards a more pleasant scenery as Britons people prepare to enjoy the last bank holiday of the year before Christmas. But downpours may be set to blight the weekend in areas around the UK – while forecasters indicate a “thunder risk” in the days after.

For this evening, Met Office meteorologists have predicted isolated heavy showers easing but a few “lingering showery outbreaks”.

These will mostly affect southern Scotland and northern England, while many other areas remain dry with variable clouds and occasional clear spells.

Higher temperatures are usually brought to the country thanks to the Azores High. Explaining the phenomenon, Met Office Meteorologist Aidan McGivern, said on Wednesday: “The Azores are a group of islands in the mid-Atlantic.

“Semi-Permanent high pressure sits here throughout much of the year. But what’s been happening through this year so far and especially during the summer, is high pressure from the Azores keeps extending across the UK, hence the warm summer and the very dry summer that we’ve had. And that repeating pattern repeats again this weekend”.

Peak temperatures will most likely be felt on Sunday and they could reach up to 26C degrees in London, 24C in Brighton, 25C in Cardiff, 24C in Manchester, 20C in Edinburgh and 19C in Aberdeen.

Aidan McGivern noted: “There is an area of low pressure which will likely bring some wetter weather for a time, later Saturday into Sunday to the northwest, mainly Northern Ireland, western Scotland, and then clearing from the far north of Scotland during Monday.”

As people return to their routines after the bank holiday weekend, more thunderstorms and heavy rain are on the way.

The Met Office forecast for the week following the bank holiday reads: “A dry start for most with sunny spells, particularly in the west, but with a chance of showery rain spreading into western areas from Thursday.

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“Breezy in the south with brisk winds along southern and southwestern coastal regions; winds light to moderate elsewhere.

“A shift to more unsettled weather is then likely over the weekend, with rain and showers spreading further east to eventually cover most regions.

“Some of these spells of rain could be heavy and prolonged, especially in the west, with a risk of thunder.

“Any limited dry or bright spells most likely to be in the south and east. Temperatures close to or slightly above average throughout the period, though potentially rather cool in the east at first.”