Man kills uncle, 4-year-old and cooked woman’s heart weeks after release from prison | US | News

A man killed three people and cooked the heart of one of his victims just weeks after he was released from prison, officials have revealed. Lawrence Paul Anderson pleaded guilty to multiple counts of murder, maiming, assault and battery on Wednesday in connection with the offences in 2021.Anderson killed Andrea Lynn Blankenship, 41, his uncle Leon Pye, 67, and Pye’s four-year-old granddaughter Kaeos Yates.His aunt, Delsie Pye, 66, was also injured during the attack.Prosecutor Jason Hicks said Anderson escaped the possibility of the death penalty in exchange for his guilty pleas.Anderson, who was instead sentenced to life in prison, planned to feed the cooked heart to relatives.JUST IN: Miracle dog ready for adoption after being shot in the head and left in woods to dieHicks also said the victims’ families did not want the case to go to trial.Speaking during a press conference after Anderson was sentenced, Hicks said: “They don’t want to sit in a courtroom and listen to all the gory details of what happened to their loved ones.”The families of the three victims also lashed out at Anderson in court on Wednesday.Local news station KFOR claimed one told him to “rot from the inside out”. The mother of the four-year-old added: “Who kills a baby…who does that?”Anderson’s attacks occurred in February 2021, just weeks after he was released from prison when his 20-year drug-related sentence was committed in response to a mistaken recommendation from Oklahoma’s Pardon and Parole Board.Anderson stabbed Blankenship after breaking into her house, authorities have revealed.He subsequently removed the 41-year-old’s heart and took it with him to the Pyes home.Investigators have said Anderson cooked the heart and tried to feed it to his relatives before stabbing his uncle and Yates to death.Follow our social media accounts here on and @expressusnews