‘He’s got me!’ Dad’s cry after being bit by American Bully in fatal encounter

Keven Jones, 62, suffered from a fatal cardiac arrest after his son’s bit him. Mr Jones had offered to watch his son’s five pet dogs in Wrexham, Wales.
He was in the kitchen when his son’s partner, Chanel Fong, 28, heard him shout “Get off me”.

Ms Fong rushed into the room and saw blood running down Mr Jones’ leg.

The BBC reports she said: “I heard Kev say ‘Cookie get off’. I told him to get off, and he did, he’s obedient. Then Kev looked down, and said ‘he’s got me’.

“His leg was bleeding, I took him into the living room to lie on the sofa, his colour had drained, and he said ‘I’m going Chanel’, and I said, ‘no you’re not’.”

She called 999 and was instructed how to perform CPR and how to lay Mr Jones on the floor.

She said: “I felt like I was screaming the counting, then the paramedics came. It felt like everyone came all at once.”

Emergency services, including the Wales Air Ambulance, rushed to the scene but, despite their best efforts, were unable to save Mr Jones.

Ms Fong said that specialist police dog handlers were also called to the scene and that Cookie was darted with a tranquiliser before being euthanized by a vet.

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A North Wales Police spokeswoman said: “The dog was securely contained at the property and was euthanised by a vet.

“Other dogs kept at the property will be temporarily kennelled whilst enquiries are ongoing. “An investigation into this incident remains ongoing and officers are liaising with the family of the deceased.”

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