Heavy rain in UK will only ‘scratch surface of drought’ with risk of mass floods

As people across the UK are desperately awaiting rain during the drought, a weather forecaster warns the effect of showers will be minimal due to the persistent dry conditions.The Met Office has forecast isolated showers and thunderstorms tonight that could become more extensive over the next few hours, issuing a yellow thunderstorm warning. 

It has warned against the potential for “frequent lightning, large hail and flash flooding impacts from the intense rainfall which could see values of at least 50mm in a two or three-hour period in a few places”.

However, WeatherTrending forecaster John Hammond warned Britons won’t breathe a sigh of relief despite the precipitation.

He told LBC’s Nick Ferrari: “We are going to go from one extreme to another. There is going to be some rain. For some of us, too much in a very short space of time. For others, just not enough.

“You know, we’re in a deficit of hundreds of millimetres of rain. Some places have not seen even 50 percent of the normal rainfall you would expect at this stage of the year.

“Well in the next few days, Nick, some places will pick up 10 or 20 millimetres of rain. That is a spit – a drop in the ocean. It’s going to scratch on the surface at this drought.”

“But every drop counts, doesn’t it?” Mr Hammond said. “And so just take it sequentially through the next few days. Most of the rain today will be across parts of Scotland where rain is least needed.

“There will be some thunderstorms here. And a few storms will develop, Nick, across England and Wales. But very hit and miss. Possibility of flash flooding given the hardness of the ground.

“That rain won’t percolate deep into the ground. It will rush straight off. That’s the real concern over the next few days.”

The Met Office has warned Britons against travelling and community, as some heavy, thundery showers could strike on Monday.

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