Heartless anarchists scrawl Hitler moustache on mural of Queen night before state funeral

A moustache referencing the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was drawn onto a mural of the Queen the night before the late monarch’s state funeral. The original artwork, created by Taunton-based graffiti artist Sam Gaden, was part of tributes that poured in for Her Majesty after the announcement of her death earlier this month.

It took Mr Gaden around 16 hours to produce the piece on Kingston Road.

Following the palace’s announcement, a 10-day period of national mourning lasted until the sovereign’s state funeral on September 19.

The mural was targeted at least three times, according to Mr Gaden, with a symbol attached believed to be referencing an anarchist group.

Mr Gaden, 42, said: “I believe it is a Taunton anarchist group because they have written what appears to say ‘pay inheritance tax’ with an anarchist symbol.

“Then it got hit again when someone did a Hitler tash the night before the funeral.”

He described how he has reiterated that the mural was a “tribute to our longest-reigning monarch” from “the people of Taunton”.

Mr Gaden said the insult was heightened by the timing, although he had been prepared for some form of defacing of the artwork.

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But the majority of the reaction was “really positive”, Mr Gaden commented.

Many residents of the Somerset town had told the artist “how proud they were of me for doing it”, and it’s “something that means such a lot to some people”.

He added: “Other people who weren’t such royalists could have just left it alone because people are grieving at the end of the day.”

Previous vandalism of the mural included changing the colour of the late sovereign’s teeth.

The Queen’s state funeral took place on Monday, September 19.

The Queen’s coffin was taken from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey, before being transported to its final resting place at Windsor.