Heard it before! Meghan Markle podcast listeners SWITCH OFF as they ‘yawn’ at story

Red3008, (@Red6731419231), said: “So, Meghan’s podcast landed. I can’t have an opinion unless I listen, so took a deep breath and went for it. OMG!

“I was ready to turn off after 20 seconds when I heard the, yawn, soap ad story YET AGAIN! And could take no more after 1 minute 21 seconds!”

Others agreed with the sentiment, one Twitter user, Natalie Bridge (@natalieb666) said she couldn’t “stomach” listening to the podcast.

She said: “Tried to listen but just couldn’t stomach her voice with the fake giggles pretending they are BFF. [It’s] rubbish I even fast forwarded it to see if it got any better but no it didn’t.”