FMQs halted as protester interrupts Scottish Parliament after Sturgeon’s IndyRef2 failure

A protester forced First Minister’s Questions in Scotland to be suspended this afternoon after shouting from the public gallery.

Nicola Sturgeon was answering questions from backbench MSPs when the outburst brought a sudden stop to proceedings.

The heckling occurred as the SNP’s Stephanie Callaghan was asking a question regarding yesterday’s Supreme Court verdict on IndyRef2.

The MSP had barely risen to her feet before the protester started speaking. The disturbance caught the attention of all those in the Chamber, interrupting proceedings.

Presiding officer Alison Johnstone announced that she was suspending business “for a moment” while the incident was dealt with.

A live video stream of the Chamber was then muted while the member of the public was kicked out of the Chamber.

It is unclear exactly what the protestor was demonstrating against.

They could be heard shouting that something was “completely unacceptable” before the video feed’s audio was cut off.

More to follow…