England v Papua New Guinea: Rugby League World Cup quarter-final – live | Rugby League World Cup 2021

Key eventsShow key events onlyPlease turn on JavaScript to use this featureA stirring rendition of God Save the King, there, and we’re ready to go. Sir Lindsay Hoyle and Clare Balding are pictured in the crowd.It’s anthem time. Papua New Guinea first, as they are the guests.How’s this one going to go? Email me hereThe Princess of Wales, Catherine Middleton, is currently meeting the players. She is holding a black umbrella.Kick-off is going to be a few minutes late, clearly.The teams are heading out on to the rain-soaked pitch, with five minutes until the scheduled kick-off.The BBC’s on-pitch reporter, Kevin Brown, is certainly not shy in getting close to the players during their warm-up while he does a piece to camera. He delivers an assessment of a couple of the England player’s various qualities while standing about three feet away from them as they do some stretching. Luckily, it was all positive.It’s very wet at the DW Stadium in Wigan.The Paul Barrière Trophy, AKA the Rugby League World Cup. Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty ImagesUpdated at 14.23 GMTStanley Tepend, the Papua New Guinea coach, speaks: “We don’t want the occasion to get to us. We just want everyone to do their role, and if we do, the outcome will be good.”The England coach Shaun Wane speaks to the BBC: “These are the best days. Sudden death. We have to win. This is why I coach. This is why the players play. It means everything.”On the challenge posed by Papua New Guinea: “They’re very, very strong, very physical in contact. We need to be very good with our detail. But hopefully the best of us will beat the best of them.“I’m a proud Englishman. I come from 200 metres away from this ground. The chance to coach England in the quarter-final of a World Cup is an absolute dream. I’ve been ready for this day for a while.”Shaun Wane: A proud Englishman. Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty ImagesUpdated at 14.24 GMTTeamsHere are today’s lineups, courtesy of the official Rugby League World Cup Twitter:Pre-match reading – Aaron Bower speaks to England’s Jack Welsby:“For the first time in his rugby league career, Jack Welsby will feel at home on Saturday in the town which is so close to his heart. The 21-year-old, arguably the most mercurial talent to play for the national side for a decade, is as proud a Wiganer as you are likely to find despite the fact he has become a star for their great rivals over the Billinge Hill, St Helens.”Updated at 14.01 GMTPreambleEngland amassed 196 points in three group wins against Greece, France and Samoa. Impressive, but Shaun Wane’s side now arrive at the more demanding and nerve-wracking business of knockout rugby.Today’s opponents Papua New Guinea won three out of four in Group D, losing only to Tonga, achieving a points difference of +46 on the way to today’s quarter-final against the host nation. (England’s points difference in Group A was +168, but even that was surpassed by Australia’s +178 in Group B.)The assessment of the England coach Wane before today’s match at the DW Stadium? “It’s knockout rugby, so someone is going to be disappointed – but it can’t be us.” That sums it up nicely.There will be power, there will be pace, and it being 5 November, there will no doubt be fireworks references, too.Kick-off: 2.30pmUpdated at 13.57 GMT