DA Caraga showcases new tech in soybean, sorghum production

DAVAO CITY—Farmers in the Caraga Region were treated to a demonstration of new cultivation technology for soybean and sorghum as part of the marketing initiative of the regional Department of Agriculture (DA) to showcase adaptable agricultural technologies.

The DA Caraga has its Del Monte Lowland Rainfed Research Station in San Francisco town, Agusan del Sur, which hosted the Farmers’ Field Day on Tuesday, October 11, to highlight the soybean seed production project and sorghum research trial.

The soybean seed production project used the Select Manchuria and Select Tudela Black varieties, which were planted on an area of 2,500 square meters in the station’s premises.

The seeds used were from the Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB).

The IPB is tasked with developing new and improved varieties that they share with farmers by collaborating with the DA.

The soybean seed production project is also a part of Component 1 of the DA-Caraga’s Sustainable Feed Formulation Program also called Team Bahug “to promote the utilization of locally available raw materials to produce quality but affordable feeds,” the DA information office said.

Sorghum, on the other hand, was planted for the Sorghum Research Trial, which was scheduled for harvest by November to demonstrate the suitability of the crop in the region.

The DA assured farmers that there is a market for sorghum, and a potential buyer, the AMCB Enterprise, was invited during the activity.

AMCB Enterprise is a feed manufacturing company based in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur.

A ceremonial signing of the supply and purchase agreement was held among the DA, farmer Archie Jacinto and the AMCB. The agreement stipulates that AMCB would purchase sorghum grains from Jacinto, who has been endorsed by the DA-Caraga, upon harvest this November.

The DA said sorghum is a climate-resilient grain crop grown mainly for food, fuel, feeds, forage, and fertilizer. The department is promoting sorghum production to support the livestock and poultry industry in the country.

The conduct of field days is meant to showcase and disseminate various packages of technologies to the farmers and other stakeholders, the DA said.