Beer, furniture firms among Russian businesses suffering supply shortages from Ukraine war sanctions

Mr Kanaev explained that several components, such as the flow meters in the beer dispensers, are imported from Europe and not readily available in Russia itself.

“Unfortunately at the moment, there are no Russian producers who could substitute them,” he said

“But we are looking to the Chinese market because we found there very good alternatives, and we are working with Chinese companies in order to catch the equipment from there and use it in our pub.”


Despite the attempt to substitute Western imports, Russia still has to continue importing certain products.

Economists have warned that Russia will still massively rely on friendly countries for help, despite Finance Minister Anton Siluanov’s claims that the country has learned to respond to the restrictions, and going so far as to claim it had found an “antidote” against them.

Dr Maxim Bratersky from the World Economy and International Affairs faculty at the Moscow Higher School of Economics, said that no countries, including superpowers United States and China, can produce and manufacture everything on their own.