Aboitiz reshuffles corporate officers

Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc. (AEV) has reshuffled its chief financial officers (CFO), swapping the officials from the holding firm and its bank.

AEV’s Senior Vice President and CEO Manuel R. Lozano and Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP) Senior Executive Vice President, Treasurer and head of global markets Jose Emmanuel U. Hilado will be trading roles effective January 1 next year.

Lozano will be the executive vice president and CFO of UnionBank while Hilado will be the senior vice president, CFO and corporate information officer of AEV.

UnionBank recently hired a new treasurer and global markets head to replace incumbent Hilado beginning October 1.

Hilado will then assume the role of UBP’s CFO until December 31, after which he will transfer to AEV. He will oversee AEV’s treasury; tax advisory and compliance services; finance, accounting and business support; investor relations; legal and compliance.

There may be some more adjustments at the appropriate time, AEV said.

Meanwhile, Lozano as UnionBank CFO will supervise the bank’s finance unit and would serve as the chief financial spokesperson for the organization. He will be a key player in crafting and implementing the bank’s business strategies as well as working hand in hand with the business units to ensure consistent and superior operating performance.

Lozano will directly report to bank president and CEO Edwin Bautista with regard to all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to corporate portfolio strategy and capital allocation, budget management, balance sheet management and tax optimization.