WATCH | Shania Twain posts BOLD pics embracing menopause, teases upcoming song Giddy Up

After a 20-year battle with Lyme disease Canadian singer-songwriter, Shania Twain is back and excited for her upcoming song Giddy Up from her new album Queen of Me. Her Netflix documentary, Not Just a Girl, was about Shania Twain’s difficult moments with Lyme disease and the dissolution of her marriage. The singer was earlier married to her longtime producer and songwriting partner, Robert “Mutt” Lange.

But for Twain, it is a never-ending journey, despite many crests and troughs. She has now released the teaser on Wednesday of “Giddy Up,” from her new album which will be available to listen to after the new year. In an Instagram photo, Twain is seen pulling off a shimmery cowboy hat with the title of the song penned in jewels across the border of the hat. She captioned the photo, “I am here with some news that will put a spring in your step, a bounce in your heart … some up in your giddy!” 

“I’m super excited for you all to hear this one,” Twain said adding, “It’s all about letting loose and doing the things that make you giddy!”

Giddy Up Release Date 

Giddy Up will be released on 5 January 2023. The track is the opening number from her forthcoming sixth album ‘Queen of Me’ which features the single Waking Up Dreaming. On 12 December, she announced the release date on her Instagram account. “I am here with some news that will put a spring in your step, a bounce in your heart… some up in your giddy! My new song ‘Giddy Up!’ is coming out January 5th!! I’m super excited for you all to hear this one, it’s all about letting loose and doing the things that make you giddy!” she said. 

Shania Twain embraces her body 

Earlier, Shania posted a topless photo on her Instagram for the cover art of “Waking Up Dreaming.” She in a conversation with People magazine that it was all about underscoring the comfort she feels in her own skin, especially as she ages. Shania is now 57 years old. The singer said that she is not regressing and is actually embracing her body as it changes as she should have from her childhood to her teens and as she should be from her “taut, 20s and 30-year-old self, to my menopausal body.” “I’m not going to be shy about it. I want to be courageous about it, and I want to share that courage in the artwork that I am directing,” she added. 

What is Lyme disease Shania Twain battled with? How she got it? 

When Twain went for a horseback ride in 2003 as she was getting ready to embark on tour, it completely altered the course of her career. She shared that a tick was infected with Lyme disease, and she got Lyme disease from it. Describing her symptoms, she said they were quite scary because before she was diagnosed, she was on stage very dizzy. She was losing my balance and was afraid she was gonna fall off the stage. The singer shared she was having these very, very, very millisecond blackouts, but regularly, every minute or every 30 seconds. The diseases also took a toll as she was unable to control her vocals.