WATCH: Drew Barrymore claps back at Hugh Grant’s dismissal of her singing

Drew Barrymore has responded to Hugh Grant’s recent assertion that she is a really bad singer in style. She took to Instagram to share a video in which she can be seen taking a hairbrush in her hand (to use as a mic, presumably) and singing ‘Way Back to Love’. This is the same song that Barrymore and Grant sing together in Marc Lawrence’s romantic 2007 comedy movie Music and Lyrics. In the movie, Alex Fletcher (Grant), a washed-up pop star who is struggling to find relevance in the current music scene. One day, his manager approaches him with a new opportunity: write a song for a popular young pop star, Cora Corman (Bennett), who needs a hit single for her upcoming album.

Alex is initially hesitant, but soon finds inspiration in Sophie Fisher (Barrymore), his quirky and charming plant caretaker who has a way with words. 

The video is labelled, “My Response to Hugh Grant.” She wrote in the caption, “#SingForHughGrant JOIN ME.” 

Hugh Grant had earlier said while speaking to Wired, “Drew Barrymore was in that film with me, and I don’t think she’d mind me saying her singing is just horrendous. I’ve heard dogs bark better than she sings.” 

He went on to admit that as bad as she is, he is worse. “Once they tuned her up, she sounded way better than me, because she’s got heart and voice and rock ‘n’ roll,” he said.

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