Thanksgiving 2022: Here’s how to celebrate a waste-free holiday this year

Thanksgiving for many families can be quite a herculean task given the wastage and overspending that comes with it. With people getting more conscious about carbon footprint and the cost our future pays with each decision we make, it’s time we made holidays more sustainable. 

Here are some quick tips to make Thanksgiving more sustainable and waste-free:

Reduce the menu size:

It simply means to make fewer items this year because honestly no one finishes every item on the large spread. Make fewer items and you’ll see that people won’t miss many dishes because it’s only two or three items that guests or family are usually keen on trying. 


Source ingredients locally:

It’s better for the ecosystem and better for health. When you use ingredients that can grow locally, you are reducing the cost to the planet. You’re also cooking with fresh ingredients unlike those you get in cold storage or frozen ones so it’s definitely healthier. 


Don’t dress your vegetables (a lot): 

It’s always better to eat them raw or with less sauces so that they last longer. When you use more sauces, the chances of it getting soggy or mushy increases so its chances of getting wasted also increases. Easiest to do is roasted or charred brussels or just boiled greens. They can always be used later on if they don’t get consumed. 

Don’t stress over a full Turkey:

We might get a lot of hate for this but if you know you won’t be able to finish the whole bird, why make it and then let it go to waste? Rather than roasting a whole Turkey, you can use dissected parts in a few inches of stock with some aromatic spices in a roasting pan and voila, you have yourself a Thanksgiving Turkey!


Reuse and repurpose the leftovers:

It goes without saying that wasting food is just not a good idea. You can always use the leftover meat in another dish like pasta, sandwich or as a side dish the next day. Leftover veggies can double as a salad.