Shama Sikander birthday: From her MeToo horror to overcoming suicidal thoughts – 6 times the actress inspired all through her own struggles

Shama Sikander’s battle with bipolar disorder and depression 

A couple of years ago, Shama Sikander was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The actress opened up about her battle with the disease saying that she fought it very hard for years. Shama said that if she could heal after 5 years anybody could. You have to give yourself time and energy. People must go and take medicines. Your brain chemicals fluctuate and can make you feel worthless. Circumstances make you feel like that. It is ok to give up but important to know when you bow down, you have that capacity to get up. You can heal. There is light after darkness, Shama said. Shama revealed that during her depression phase she would feel sleepiness, laziness, pain within that made her cry and gave her nightmares.