TV licence explained: How Britons can claim a refund on fee – can you get money back?

Television licences are a requirement in the UK for households to watch or stream programming as it is being broadcast live. It is also needed when watching any BBC channels or content on BBC iPlayer. Some people can apply for a TV licence through TV Licensing, the body in charge of the fee.

Currently, the cost of the TV licence for households with a colour television comes to £159.

Refunds are available to people who will not need to use it again before the fee’s expiration date.

Households applying for a refund must also have at least one complete month left in order for their application to be successful.

On top of this, Britons can apply for a refund if their licence fee expired less than two years ago.

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People who get the blind discount or are over the age of 75 are able to apply for the refund at any time, no matter how long they have left on their licence.

Over 75s in receipt of Pension Credit get a free TV licence while those who blind could get 50 percent off.

Applicants for the refund will not need to calculate how much they are owed as this will be done for them by the organisation.

On its website, TV Licensing outlined how the licence fee refund process works for households.


TV Licensing states: “You can apply for a refund up to 14 days before the date you no longer need the TV Licence.

“If your licence has already expired, you can apply if less than two years have passed since the expiry date.”

To apply, households will need to fill in a short form and may be asked for evidence to back up their claim that they are due a refund.

Households should include their personal details when claiming a refund, including the name on their TV Licence, address and postcode.

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In the case when someone’s refund is unsuccessful, households can still cancel their licence fee online through the TV Licensing website.

Those who are moving home should move their TV licence with them instead of cancelling it or requesting a refund.

Anyone looking for more information on when their television licence expires can sign into their account.

To do this, households must log in using their licence number, the name on the licence and postcode.