‘Sneakerlaw’ takes a fresh perspective on the big business of athletic shoes – KCUR

Kenneth Anand, and Jared Goldstein both attended Brooklyn Law School but didn’t know each other at the time.

“I just hit him up on LinkedIn, I slid in the DMs and I asked him if he’d be willing to meet up with me,” Anand said. “The two of us ended up meeting at a coffee shop and talking for hours about our love for sneakers and law and how they might intersect.”

Anand says the way law was taught to him was boring. So he and Goldstein set out to create a textbook that provided a new perspective to law students, as well as designers, entrepreneurs and fellow sneakerheads.

Their book, “Sneakerlaw: All You Need To Know About The Sneaker Business,” has already been adopted by colleges such as Harvard Law School and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

“We tried to approach legal topics, business topics, in a way that we found would be exciting,” Anand said. “So basically, we’re teaching very dense and intimidating topics in a way that’s exciting, fun, swagged out, and uses today’s everyday slang.”