Press a button on your boiler to instantly save on energy bills ‘keep this off’

Boiler experts demonstrated how to use a clever and very simple trick with just the push of a button. The @plumbingdoctors showed how you can engage a money saving mode on your boiler.

The experts behind the account demonstrated how to do it on a Valliant boiler in the short video.

However, most boilers have a variety of modes to save money.

The experts warned Britons to keep one mode, in particular, off – comfort mode.

They demonstrated how to change modes on the boiler, and when they came to Comfort Mode said: “Keep this off.”

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It then makes sure your home is warm when you need it and you’re not wasting energy when you don’t.

However, there is a much more energy-efficient mode to use.

What mode should you use?

You should use Eco Mode on your boiler if trying to save money on your bills.

It uses less energy than Comfort Mode.

This mode does mean you will have to run your water a little before it gets hot, but overall using this mode will save you money.

Another money saving trick explained how to save £1k on energy bills

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“Save a thousand pounds on your energy bills if you live alone with this one simple trick,” Krish said.

“Invest in an electric blanket,” he explained.