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Presented in minimalist, Robinson-designed “post-consumer” recycled plastic pots in a familiarly distinct colourway (which first went on sale the month before Daniel Lee’s first “Bottega Green” collection), the three core Humanrace products are a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser. Delivered as a “Routine Pack”, these are designed to be used daily for three minutes. “That was very much the lesson from Dr Elena,” says Muscat: “It’s all about routine. If you don’t stick to it, you’re not going to see any benefits.” Customers are invited to subscribe, at a slightly reduced price, to deliveries of product refills with which they can replenish their pots. The company also offers suncare products, soap-free “body bars”, and ceramic trays to place them on. The products are vegan and assiduously non-specific about skin type. There are also own-brand apparel pieces and a collaboration collection produced with Adidas Originals.

To mark the British launch, Selfridges will be temporarily illuminated in the brand’s distinct shade of green. There will also be three further activations highlighting the ceramic trays, the Adidas collab, and a new, Made In Italy iteration of the apparel (as yet unseen by the public, these pieces are low-shouldered, high-ish hemmed sweats and hoodies in washed high-quality French terry).

Humanrace’s circular approach to packaging and replenishment was a draw for the retailer.  “Our focus is on powering future super brands and sharing our platform with disruptors alongside global beauty houses while offering more sustainable solutions,” explains Andrew Keith, managing director of Selfridges. It currently carries 2,000 refill options across 55 brands and is aiming for 45 per cent of transactions to come from circular products and services by 2030. He adds: “Pharrell and the Humanrace team have identified a space for functional, effective everyday products that are designed to keep… it’s a hard-to-better example of a circular future for skincare.”

Photos: Humanrace